1. When you ask yourself the tough questions

2. When you realize you’re def not Rihanna

3. When you try to seem chill on a date

4. When your ego takes a massive hit

5. When you start to develop feelings for someone

6. When you realize you’re a hypocrite

7. When you realize you’re actually insufferable

8. When you wonder why you’re still single

9. When you don’t get a text back

10. When you keep falling for the wrong people

11. When your friends try to help

12. When dating has you super anxious

13. When you hate going to weddings

14. When everyone else seems to be settling down

15. When even your candy is reminding you you’re single

16. When you have to play it cool

17. When you can’t listen to a playlist without getting sad

18. When your parents have given up hope

19. When you’re sick of trying to meet people

20. When you know your own worth

21. When you know you’re probs a lost cause

22. When you’re faced with the hard truths

23. When you try to use Tinder

24. When you have no fucks left to give

25. When your family tries to comfort you

26. When you try to convince yourself there’s still a chance

27. When you realize you have nothing to worry about

28. When even your dog rejects you

29. And finally, when you realize it’s almost fall