#1 When you become a parent everyone wants to give you parenting advice — and that includes your in-laws:
I don’t know why my in-laws feel qualified to give me parenting advice.
After all, I live with the results of their efforts and it’s nothing to brag about.
ScaryMommy / Via twitter.com

#2 It also includes people on Twitter, but you probably should be skeptical about their advice:
Thanks Twitter, but if I wanted unsolicited parenting advice, I would start a conversation with my MIL.
LifeThrewLemons / Via twitter.com

#3 Make that VERY skeptical:
your parenting advice between your a*s eating tweets really inspire me
TheWifeYouLove / Via twitter.com

#4 You’ll hear a lot of bad advice:
Y’all be on here like “mY bAbY’s dR sAiD iT’s Ok To [insert sh*tty parenting advice here]”
Like ?? … sounds like you need to find a better doctor, but ok
rollmamaAjoint / Via twitter.com

#5 And you’ll hear a lot of unsolicited advice from non-parents too:
I’d rather have a voluntary colonoscopy than listen to unsolicited parenting advice from someone who doesn’t have kids.
storiesofamom / Via twitter.com

#6 You should be sure to write ALL of it down carefully, LOL:

thedad / Via twitter.com

#7 Despite this barrage of advice, you will likely have a very exclusive list of people you’ll actually listen to:
The only person I’ll accept parenting advice from is Lauren Graham in character as Lorelai Gilmore.
Addijay / Via twitter.com

#8 Thankfully most non-parents realize they’re out of their element:
“Have you tried giving it a treat?” – me offering parenting advice
brookeperrin / Via twitter.com

#9 And honestly, some parents COULD probably stand to listen to more advice:
I love when people that don’t have kids give parenting advice, “Don’t carry your baby upside down, your 11yo shouldn’t be driving, don’t give your 6yo matches for their birthday.” No one asked you, Paul.
3sunzzz / Via twitter.com

#10 You’ll probably find your favorite parents are the ones who recognize they should NOT be giving advice:
Never take parenting advice from me. Toddler currently in bed whispering to herself, “oh dammit. oh sh*t. oh dammit. oh sh*t,” in an endless loop.
eramshaw / Via twitter.com

#11 Like, you’d probably enjoy a playdate with this mom:
I just told my toddler, “I’m the Mommy, not you” in case you need any parenting advice.
mom_ontherocks / Via twitter.com

#12 Or this mom, who admits she doesn’t know much, but she knows one thing:
I don’t have much parenting advice, but I can tell you that 90% of lost library books are between the bed and the wall.
copymama / Via twitter.com

#13 Also likable? The parents who share advice that doesn’t make them look like perfect parents:
Train your kids to call junk food names of vegetables so you can fool people into thinking you’re killing it at parenting.
Example: Potato chips are now called “broccoli”
This terrible advice is brought to you by my average parenting skills and awesome street smarts.
stayathomies / Via twitter.com

#14 Gotta love this dad and his baby naming advice, for example:
Coworker: Oh man, my kids due in a few weeks, any advice for me?
Me: We decided we should have named them “Whatthefu*k” and “Nononono” because we say that more than their actual names.
EC: uh….
Me: Yeah. Strap in motherfu*ker; this sh*t’s a RIDE.
DadisGrumpy / Via twitter.com

#15 And this mom whose advice doesn’t sugarcoat things:
*giving my sister parenting advice*
Me: So, you lift them like this.
Sister: Okay.
M: Then, scream into it. Now you try.
S: [picks up pillow]
mommajessiec / Via twitter.com

#16 Look, this is the kind of practical advice you’ll need:
Let me give some parenting advice.
If your kids are fighting somewhere…let them try to work it out until it impairs your ability to be on your phone.
kelly__le / Via twitter.com

In the end, there are no perfect parents, so if everyone’s know-it-all parenting advice makes you laugh, well that’s TOTALLY FINE:
I read some parenting advice that basically said “remind yourself to purposefully make mistakes around you children so they know it’s ok to not be perfect” and I had to laugh because like “remind” myself to “purposefully” make mistakes????
I’m a walking mistake lmao
ellle_em / Via twitter.com

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