1. Searching through the paper like a BARBARIAN just to find out what time the movie you wanted to see was playing


3. Turning the TV to channel three to play video games or watch a movie

4. Changing the VHS tape halfway through a movie just to finish it

5. Waiting ’til after 9 or the weekend just to talk to friends

6. Printing out real, physical directions just so you got lost only half as much

7. The trials and tribulations of T9
Remember when you had to press a button on your phone 3 times just to get to one letter ?

@destinee_julia / Image Credit:@MikeyB0101

8. The struggle of getting that perfect ringtone

9. Having to wait days for your Netflix instead of, like, 30 seconds

10. The struggle of getting the window down

11. Having pockets filled to the BRIM

12. Manually shutting down like a SAVAGE

13. Searching through an big-ass binder full of burnt CDs to find the perfect mix

14. Actually being SURPRISED by a hidden track on a CD

15. Only to find out the CD you wanted looks like this

16. The DJ ruining your mixtape

17. Followed by the two worst words in the English language: NO DISC

18. Smashing that *69 just for a little privacy

Star 69 Records

19. Rewind anxiety

20. Feeling like the world was going to end on this day

21. Having to wait days just to find out you took a picture of your thumb

22. Not to mention all those wasted hours spent loading pictures

23. So… many… wasted… hours…

24. And, of course, all that time spent laboring over the internet browser typing in “Www”