1. Thanks, aunt!

jellispants / Via twitter.com

2. The holiday season means bottomless egg nog!

poopgoose1 / Via reddit.com

3. I forgot about the chicken.

polyester_girl / Via instagram.com

4. Those crazy kids messing with the neighbor’s Merry Christmas decoration.

extcm1 / Via reddit.com

5. My mom left $300 unattended, my nephew (special little kid) thought it was just papers. Merry Christmas mom.

appycapterr / Via reddit.com

6. Yep this just happened! Very lucky to have no injuries just shattered about my Christmas ham haha!

coreyfoxlandscaping / Via instagram.com

7. Got an interesting package in the mail today. I have no idea who sent it….merry Christmas I guess.

BienGuzman / Via reddit.com

8. Hid the ham from the dog in the oven. On a plastic carving tray. Turned the oven on to preheat for the roast turkey.

official_jessicafellowes / Via instagram.com

9. So… this is what happened to my real tree this year!! Not a needle left on when we heaved her out the back door!!!

vintage4you / Via instagram.com

10. I’m spending Christmas at my Australian GF’s parents place. Brushing my teeth in the morning I look up and this is what I see on the inside of the window. I love the weather here, but fu*k that!

danielbln / Via reddit.com

11. Christmas toy, meet dog’s water bowl. Dog’s water bowl, meet Christmas toy.

AudsOrEvens / Via reddit.com

12. Got a flat tire last night over the Christmas holidays, nowhere is open to fix it.

matty111222 / Via reddit.com

13. Brand new Christmas decorations, dog did not approve.

thehuddster123 / Via reddit.com

14. I ummmm….. Uhhhhh……. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

RedPill42 / Via reddit.com

15. Christmas disaster bad enough, the dog took down the tree. He ate his bed as well.

unknown / reddit.com

16. My Christmas present :|

magalz / Via reddit.com

17. My parents came home to their Christmas Tree this morning.

FinneganTheGoldenGod / Via reddit.com

18. Got a eucalyptus tree for Christmas.

Arkenzie / Via reddit.com

19. Enjoy your special Christmas waffles, kids!

proscriptus / Via reddit.com

20. This morning some kids decided to set fire to my boat. Merry Christmas.

Pedantichrist / Via reddit.com

Via Bored Panda, Preview photo credit: unknown / reddit.com, thehuddster123 / reddit