Dan Smith

Anna gently caressed Michael’s hair, enjoying the cosy warmth of his head resting softly in her lap.

Occasionally she glanced across the room at the pile of bin bags containing all the other bits.

Marshall Priddy

As you turn to see who pelted you with a snowball, you see a girl chanting, “I hit you once, I hit you twice, once with a snowball, once with a knife; I hit you once, I hit you twice, once in a dream, once in real life.”

You then wake up.

Dale Thomas

1. “I’m not a stalker,” whispered Jack to himself. “Stalking implies motion, but I have been standing over her, watching her sleep, for hours.”

2. “What could be worse than being buried alive?” I thought, scratching at the silk coffin lining. “Not being alone,” came the whispered reply.

3. My mother was really cold and distant before her death. While it’s true that she is still very cold, I am glad she’s not so distant anymore.

4. The alien beam disintegrated his bones. He survived for a quite a while though, as a quivering mass of flesh on the floor, trying to scream.

5. He took the little girl with the promise of sweets. They found the body a few days later ripped to shreds, but they never did find his head.

Surya Sankar

When I showed my four year old daughter her photograph for the first time, she shook her head and said “But daddy, I look different in the mirror – with black hair, blue eyes and a tiny mole on the right cheek ”

She was describing my little sister who had suffocated to death in the attic while playing hide and seek with me.

Aparna Chugh

I walked by the play room on my way to the kitchen at midnight, my throat parched. My daughter was up, playing with the doll house – she looked calm and beautiful, just like she did four years back when I had cremated her.

Sara Amir

I was home alone then I sneezed. then the phone rang and he said, “bless you” then hung up.

Sonali Ila Ekka

They cured her hallucinations and discharged her. One night while she sat with her family having dinner, she saw her “friend” who never ate, slowly disappear; followed by her brother, then her father, then her mother.

1. “We thank you Lord for the food at this table”, said my host and turned to me with a smile. There was nothing on the table.

2. No one seemed to notice the old man in the street corner. As I walked up to him, he smiled and replied “Dad, you came!”

3. “Welcome to your new house” announced the agent as he handed me the keys and left. “Welcome, indeed” said the soft echo

4. I sat enthralled watching the movie alone at home, when the child on screen turned to me and asked for the popcorn

5. I saw her at the same grave every week. As I searched for her today, a soft whisper behind me said “I’m sorry”

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