1. World’s tallest bus takes its first trip in the city.

RankinFoolStup / Via reddit.com

2. This kid who could give the girl from The Exorcist a run for her money.

rolex1996 / Via reddit.com

3. This teacher who has an interesting taste in fashion.

meapxx / Via reddit.com

4. This Starbucks spillage disaster.

BunnyAdorbs / Via reddit.com

5. This frosty peeping Tom.

randomherRro / Via reddit.com

6. This cat that isn’t a cat

CoCGamer / Via reddit.com

7. These two bros spending some quality time together.

methodman1000 / Via reddit.com

8. This photo you probably think is an annoying rip in a leather couch.

RLG_James / Via reddit.com

9. This little girl whose thumb has a mind of its own.

hellomew / Via reddit.com

10. This bride who didn’t go for the most traditional wedding look.

vexerzy / Via reddit.com

11. This guy who looks totally ravishing in red.

nixonico / Via reddit.com

12. Giraffes enjoy a serengeti sunset.

Uniqueusername111112 / Via reddit.com

13. This kid who’s way too ripped for his age.

GraantjePappie / Via reddit.com

14. The true flying carpet.

Zooby123 / Via reddit.com

15. This mythical creature prepping some vegetables for dinner.

eachard / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: meapxx / reddit, randomherRro / reddit