#1 This super cute interaction between a Harry Potter fan and Tom Felton (AKA Draco Malfoy).


#2 This adorable cow who really enjoys making new friends.

bint_elkhandaq / Via reddit.com

#3 This conversation between this father and child that will lift your spirits and brighten your day.


#4 The reaction this dog had to a butterfly landing on his face.

#5 This Amazon review from a 70-year-old gentleman that is the purest thing you’ll read all week.

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#6 This cute video of a parrot playing peek-a-boo with a cat that will warm your heart and soul.

#7 This extremely wholesome video someone captured of Irish fans singing lullabies to a baby on a train:


#8 This entire video of a gentleman playing a ukulele and singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to his cat.

#9 This video that delivers a delightful surprise at the end.

#10 This selfie stick review that is just extremely pure.

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#11 This incredibly pure letter someone mailed after buying a VHS player on eBay.

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#12 This very good boy who knew exactly how to pose for the camera.

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#13 This boyfriend who absolutely does not mind lending a helping hand.

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#14 This boyfriend who has an A+ sense of humor.

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#15 And finally, this very wholesome Tinder bio that will make you believe in true love.

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