#1 This babysitter who was absolutely doing everything right:

idkhumor / Via tumblr.com

#2 These adorable seals who know how to express their happiness:

positive-memes / Via tumblr.com

#3 This nursing home facility who went out of their way to bring a smile to these people’s faces:

cantorjennasings / Via reddit.com

#4 This student who passed on an uplifting message on what he’d learned after bringing a snake to school:

seananmcguire / Via tumblr.com

#5 This sweet video of a dad who was just really, really encouraging:


#6 This mom who had her day completely made:

jimmyyeetworld / Via twitter.com

#7 This extremely pure yet hilarious ranking of ceramic frogs:


#8 This deeply wholesome story that has the best ending:

austin-n-oli / Via tumblr.com

#9 The person who just wanted the ant to be happy:

jazzfordshire / Via tumblr.com

#10 This special education teacher who went the extra mile:


#11 This doggo who doesn’t mind one bit that his bed is too small:

paetonmathes / Via twitter.com, humorstaff / Via tumblr.com

#12 This extremely pure encounter this person had with security:

lesbianshepard / Via tumblr.com

#13 This moment when Elton found his forever home:


#14 This person who went out of the way to make their cat happy:

nunyabizni / Via tumblr.com

#15 And finally, this pure, tiny child who attempted to put the blame of her actions on Batman:


Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: cantorjennasings / reddit.com, nunyabizni / tumblr.com