By now, many people know that if you work for Google, you eat for free. But what exactly does that entail?

At the Mountain View campus alone, there are over 36 different cafes that offer a variety of different specialty foods. From fresh sushi to Indian food and exotic salads, Google has become known for their midday feasts.

At Google, employees are given the opportunity to eat as much as they want. The restaurants are styled after all-you-can-eat buffets, which is pretty unbelievable considering that Google’s Mountain View campus, for example, has over 15,000 employees, according to a blog post from author and professional cook David Lebovitz.

Google partnered with popular catering service Cafe Bon Appetit to help make sure employees’ lunch experiences are unique and constantly changing. Bon Appetit procures the freshest ingredients everyday, and they offer meals that fit the principles of Ayurvedic Sattvic cuisine, which emphasizes seasonal foods.

Check out some of Google’s dishes below that were taken from Googlers who tagged their lunchtime favorites.

@ophilaa Fruits on brioche

@pantryno7 Lamb chop, lentils, Swiss chard

@seohungry: Google Cookies

@seohungry: Salmon

@jjoongie: Freshly cooked branzino and pasta Breakfast pastries

@georgiecooker: Ricotta

@mirasumanti: Roasted duck

@nourishmentbowl: Zucchini, mint, pea and feta salad with za’tar lamb

@georgiecooker: Tabla de Tarde lluviosa

@georgiecooker: Phila and sushi

@marklettuce: Grilled salmon risotto

@alialithinks: Mexican salad

@laoming: Cheese pizza over broccoli

@joeycjohnson: Raw coconut-cashew “cheesecake” with pecan-fig crust and raw blueberry compote

@labellasorella3: Fig crostata with honey scented goat cheese and pistachio

@seohungry: Caprese sandwich on jalapeño foccacia bread

@pantryno7: Pan seared petrale sole, pie ranch fennel, snap pea, citrus beurre blanc, crispy herbs

@apestagram: Vegan coconut cupcakes, brown sugar cake with bananas and caramel, and cinnamon bun cookies