Ankit Sethi

The key thing you need to do is to slouch or sit upright as the height difference between you two necessitates. You’ll want to make sure her head is hooked or wedged at the edge of your shoulder.

If the head is too high, her hair will bristle against your neck or face and cause itching and discomfort. It might also perturb your neck into an uncomfortable angle. Too low and she may slowly slide down the side of your arm, possibly getting drool or makeup all over your clothes. It’s unpleasant and might distract you from your reading or whatever else you’re doing.

The edge is the right place to keep the head locked in. Bonus: this ensures that her head can serve as a great place to park yours in case you feel sleepy.

Another tip would be to carry earplugs or earphones in case the woman snores. I’ll update this answer later if I think of anything else.


Just enjoy the moment and ask for an introduction.

I work in the number two IT services company, which also has the record of recruiting the most beautiful girls.

At least 60% of girls in our Campus are super hot.

Though you will get to see a lot of them, touching them or feeling them from close is not possible and it is inappropriate too.

It is the incident of Pune. It was the time of summers and I boarded a bus to United States of Pimple from the company bus bay. I usually don’t mind sitting next to beautiful girls, in fact I prefer to do that.

As usual I spotted a beautiful girl on the window seat. I sat next to her. Even though temperature was very high, there are some characters who will feel cold and they will close all the nearby windows.

Though it was uncomfortable, It became a blessing in disguise for me.

The girl next to me was very tired from the day’s work and she comfortably settled her head on my Shoulder and slept deeply. I was mesmerized by the smell of her hair. It drove me crazy.

Why on earth will I ask her to move back?

After 15-20 minutes she realized what she was doing, and looked at me fully embarrassed.

However, I looked at her with such an intense and affectionate expressions as if I was begging her to not move. She understood my feelings and obliged. She remained like that for another 30 minutes of the journey.

At the end of the journey, I did not realized that whole of my left shoulder and arm were wet with her sweat. To any other person it would be gross, but for me it was not.

At the end of our journey, she just laughed after looking at the mess she created. We had an introduction. For next few days whenever we met we exchanged pleasantries.

Once I asked her for a Coffee and she came.

We started meeting regularly in the company and fell for each other. For the next two years, My shoulder use to be her permanent pillow in the bus.

And today, my shoulder is her pillow in our house also as she is my sweet wife now!

Divya Rathore

Well, in that fortunate situation, there are number of things a guy can do :

If she is your girlfriend, then:

Please try to be as stiff as possible, you don’t want to wake her up!
1. Smell the sweet fragrance of her hair.
2. Rest your head on her head, that way you can sleep too!
3. Keep her close, if possible, put an arm around her.
4. If it’s cold out there, cover her with a blanket.
5. DON’T touch her at inappropriate places, there is a reason why she trusts you enough to be in your arms.
6. She is vulnerable, it’s your responsibility to take care of her.
7. Wake her up with a sweet kiss on her forehead.
8. When she is wide awake, ask her to make a cup of tea/coffee for both of you. You must be rewarded. :)

If she is your daughter:

Just carry her to her bedroom, cover her up, kiss her goodnight, switch off the lights and pray that her boyfriend/husband will do the things mentioned in the above points if she sleeps on their shoulder. :P

If she is your friend, then there are two possibilities :

if(you like her)
Bravo! She likes you too. :);
Have her in your inappropriate thoughts, but don’t act upon them. :P;
Wake her up! Get her a pillow or a cushion to rest her head. ;

If she is not your friend/ girlfriend, basically a random girl in some public transport, then :

Dude, it’s time for a perfect wicked smile! :)
Stay calm, take a deep breath and get engrossed with a book or phone. You’ll definitely get to converse with her when she comes back after her nap, make the most out of it. :P