The Super Bowl halftime show this year brought on a lot of opinions on Adam Levine’s dancing.

One thing people also noticed about the show was how much Levine’s shirt looked like home items everyone seemed to have.

#1 This curtain

iTzHardley_21 / Via

#2 Like this pillow.

CourtJesster83 / Via

#3 This chair.

lizzygillespie / Via

#4 This chair as well.

5plinterswerve / Via

#5 It even matches with this set of kitchen towels.

eveofrevolution / Via

#6 He also got compared to a Louis Vuitton Bag.

BSkwarto1097 / Via

#7 However, pillow comparisons were a constant.

cwillycs / Via

#8 Everyone seems to have a pillow like that.

InstantRHIplay / Via

#9 Literally everyone.

lyndsay6_16 / Via

#10 Retro brown squares is apparently a very popular pattern.

mel_caless42 / Via

#11 Aside from home goods, shirtless Adam Levine drew a lot of comparisons to Chipotle bags.

heckyoukaren / Via

#12 Who wore it better?

cajuninwonderland / Via

#13 This chipotle bag

Josherrino, ohheyjenna / Via

#14 Free clip art.

PretenderNX01 / Via

#15 A custom Xbox character from 2004.

cymrogav / Via

#16 One of those fake tattoo shirts.

Cryptoterra / Via

#17 The performer from the movie The Lost Boys.

stevenandrew1969 / Via

#18 Danny Trejo.

concordpeople / Via

#19 Jared Leto as the Joker.

jtimsuggs / Via

#20 A ouija board.

akisson / Via

#21 Spider from School of Rock.

Jac_Bun / Via

#22 A tatted-up Popeye.

howardcadmus / Via / AP

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