Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often. Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. Cotton bralettes that will make you feel like a celebrity in one of the many Calvin Klein advertisements.

Promising review: I got this to wear around the house and on the weekends — it’s perfect! I didn’t expect it to be so soft and stretchy. It’s definitely not a sports bra, but is perfect for what I was looking for. -Coyote

Price: Starting at $13.04

2. Pokémon face washes for when becoming a Pokémon master is just not your destiny.

Promising review: This is an amazing face wash! And it has a Bulbasaur on it, so it’s a win-win; I haven’t had a single whitehead on my face since I’ve started using this. - Nic Moore

Price: $8.99

3. Wool socks that will make you want to replace your entire mess of a sock drawer.

Promising review: After six months and many wash and dry cycles, these socks look just as good as they did when I first got them. There are no holes, they fit great — and now I want to replace my entire sock drawer with them. -Ruben Miranda

Price: $26.90 for four pairs.

4. An oval ring that doesn’t claim to have any magical powers, but it probably does.

Promising review: The amber on the ring is a gorgeous olive, and the flecks within the amber give it an almost faceted appearance. It’s absolutely beautiful and so much nicer than I even expected! The quality is exceptional. I would not hesitate for one second to purchase more rings from this seller for myself or as gifts. Happy birthday to me! -TickTockAlice

Price: $29.78

5. Hey Arnold: The Complete Series for all the football heads out there who think this is the greatest show of all time.

Promising review: This is a good show for all ages, full of believable, imperfect characters with real problems who always wind up doing the ‘right,’ moral thing. I even appreciate some of the humor I missed and disliked as a child. -Minerva

Price: $28.59

6. A science kit that lets you make your own bubble gum for a good, clean feeling. *flashes white, toothy smile*

Promising review: I purchased this for my kids, and they loved it so much that I ended up purchasing a few extra for my niece and nephew. So easy to use! -Kaylene Chatwin

Price: $16.97

7. A crêpe maker that’ll make you say, “holy crêpe I need this.”

Promising review: Included with the nice griddle is a batter spreader, spatula and manual, so you have everything you need to get started. The griddle is truly non-stick, so cleanup is a breeze, and the bottom of the griddle has rubber feet, so it does not slide on the counter. The options for this griddle/crepe maker are endless. I’m going to use it for grilled cheese (my grandkids favorite) and I’ll be able to make four at once. This has exceeded my expectations. -Annie K

Price: $21.95

8. Sheer stockings that may “meow” on occasion, but don’t be alarmed. There’s nothing weird about that.

Promising review: These are the best tights ever! They fit exactly as expected, and I get so many compliments when I wear them. I can’t recommend them enough! -Ariel M.

Price: $6.99

9. A swing dress that’ll make you want to twirl around in circles all day, every day.

Promising review: Beautiful dress! Fabulous quality and excellent fit. Highly recommend! - Debora Cavin

Price: $26.99. / Also available in 19 other colors.

10. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream chocolate bars in XL because they’re a gift to mankind.

Promising review: I’m in love with this chocolate. It was so worth it to buy the pack of 12. -Henry B.

Price: $18

11. A book on Egyptology that is suitable for both children and adults. Also a perfect gift for your mummy.

Promising review: My son had rented this book from the library so many times, so I searched for it and found it at a good price on Amazon. He received it for Christmas and was over the moon with joy — he reads it almost daily and took it to school to show his teacher. It has many things to open inside the book; A mummy tomb, letters, post cards, jewels, even a piece of cloth used for wrapping mummies. This book is fascinating and we both really love it. -tjmil

Price: $14.99

12. Moldable glue that will help you fix frayed phone chargers, broken toys, the economy, etc.*

Promising review: Here’s all you need to know: This stuff bonded to a surface that even Gorilla Glue wouldn’t stick to. Another huge plus: being able to handle it and mold it into any shape (just like modeling clay) without it sticking much to my fingers and/or creating a big mess. Sugru has earned a permanent spot among the go-to fix-it materials I keep on hand. - Alph

Price: $21.74

13. Egg cups that will give you sumoch to talk about at breakfast.

Promising review: My daughter wanted to start having soft-boiled eggs, so we found these hilarious little guys. They do what they’re supposed to do, and are super fun at breakfast. - Awesage

Price: $12 for a set of two.

14. Regal velvet armchairs that look like those expensive pieces of furniture you’d see in a wealthy friends apartment.

Promising review: This chair is one of the best things I have ever purchased — low price, shipped quickly, extremely comfortable, and a beautiful color. All I had to do for assembly was pop the legs on. This is exactly what I wanted in an armchair. Katie

Price: $185

15. Hanging containers that will make it look like you hired an interior decorator for your living space.

Promising review: These are wonderful wall hangers that really brought my room to the next level. Lovely product at a fair price — I’ve already purchased four more of the smaller planters! -Viktoriya Saranchuk

Price: $22.97 for a set of two.

16. Twilight on DVD so that we can settle this debate once and for all. Team Edward or Jacob?

Promising review: Finally, the best movie saga ALL TOGETHER in one set! -Claire Sivertsen

Price: $29.99

17. Lip stains that may get confiscated at concerts, amusement parks, etc., so tread carefully.

Promising review: Excellent quality! I’m really happy with these lip stains — there’s minimal smudging, and the colors have great pigmentation. They also stay on for a while and aren’t sticky at all! Amazon Customer

Price: $15.35

18. Edible gold stars that will transform your cake into the culinary masterpiece below.

Promising review: These gold stars made my rainbow and unicorn cake and cupcakes so magical — I will definitely purchase these again! -Crystal

Price: $4.72

19. A picture book about the Notorious RBG that should be required reading.

Promising review: This book is fantastic! I purchased it for my daughter and ended up also purchasing one for my niece. RBG is a formidable figure to look up to for young girls, and this book captures her life and accomplishments in a way that is easy to understand for children. -Kimberly Beare

Price: $12.56

20. A tin can cable car that will have you inventing a new commute to work in no time.

Promising review: I love science toys — and this one is very, very cool. Highly recommended for kids AND adults! -Douglas S. Hanchon

Price: $11.25