#1 Wink wink

BigPK / Via reddit.com

#2 My wife and our dog Marty as I was leaving for work this morning.

weatherworn / Via reddit.com

#3 No privacy in my house!

AngelaBrisk / Via twitter.com

#4 Is he still behind me?

Jason_Pitt / Via reddit.com

#5 The camera adds 10 pounds…

-wholesome / Via reddit.com

#6 The most beautiful flower in the garden.

rikitard / Via reddit.com

#7 Me and my new best pal!

manic-peach / Via reddit.com

#8 Two snoots that need boopin’


#9 This guilty raccoon is very sorry about what he did.

_indzzzzz / Via reddit.com

#10 The big one lets the little one do whatever

samppbo / Via reddit.com

#11 Fergus you were adopted!

gazodu5 / Via reddit.com

#12 My husband-to-be and my doggo have this great thing going on.

iamsoveryverytired / Via reddit.com

#13 Grandma asked me to take a picture of her and her cat, couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Ashinos / Via reddit.com

#14 This is how she greets me when I come home.

SleepySlowpoke / Via reddit.com

#15 Let me paws and think about that…

_stumbler / Via twitter.com

#16 Commuting is ruff

veloocheet / Via imgur.com

#17 An amazing creature

WCSNewsroom / Via twitter.com

#18 Kissing booth

Tomma_Llama / Via reddit.com

#19 Oh, Herro Hooman, it’s just me, Bear

radiogunk / Via imgur.com

#20 We’re ready for bed!

mac_is_crack / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: iamsoveryverytired / reddit.com, Ashinos / reddit.com