#1 My husband bought memory foam for “his side of the bed”

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#2 When you live with a girl, you have to keep a lot of rules in mind.

Carloc2407 / Via twitter.com

#3 I asked my husband to buy cucumbers.

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#4 My husband gave me “$100”, told me to go get my nails done..I’m hurt and now embarrassed bc my a*s didn’t realize IT WAS A FAKE UNTIL I USED IT!! Talkin bout “are you fr”

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#5 My boyfriend just sneezed sitting 5 feet away from me and then texted me this.

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#6 Why does my wife do this?

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#7 That’s what the family budget is being spent on.

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#8 My kitchen after a week of my boyfriend being in charge of cleaning.

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#9 Look what my 10-year-old brother told his girlfriend.

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#10 My girlfriend’s hair clips make me think there’s a huge cockroach on the counter. Every. Time.

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#11 This is how my husband likes to put things in the fridge.

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#12 This is how my boyfriend leaves his coffee cup every morning.

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#13 My wife’s choice of “fiction” is beginning to concern me.

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#14 My wife often leaves her keys here… she’ll then follow up with, “why can’t I ever find my keys.”

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#15 Please meet my girlfriend’s kitchen.

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#16 My husband was angry this morning so he decided he was only making his half of the bed.

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#17 How can you trust men after that?

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