Justin Franco

My wife and I have to sleep with the door closed and locked because our house is home to a rather intrusive poltergeist.

If we leave the door open, we may wake to find cups that were once on the nightstand overturned and spilled in the floor, clothing pulled from drawers, books opened and strewn about, and all other manner of messy inconveniences. On some occasions, I’ve awoken in a groggy fog just in time to see an eerie apparition disappear from the room, as if startled by my movements.

I’ve suggested to my wife that we have the house blessed and ask a priest to exorcise whatever demon is lurking in our home, but she tells me that the Church doesn’t consider toddlers “demons.”

Oh, if they only knew…

Jeremy Glenesk

I must sleep with my bedroom door open. If I do not, then Lord Tyrant of the Household, Queen of All, our Kitty Overlord Freya will throw a tantrum.

Image Credit: Jeremy Glenesk

She absolutely will not tolerate me having my bedroom door closed. She has decreed that she must have access to me at all times. If the door is closed, she will claw at the door until I wake up and open it.

She will not be denied.

Frances Meredith

Always, ALWAYS with the door closed.

If you leave the door open then you’re practically begging the ghosts, vampires, bloody Marys, monsters and the boogyman to waltz on through.

Extra tips:

· Nothing can touch you if all your limbs are under the blanket. Only your head should be exposed.

· As long as you don’t dangle your arms and legs over the sides of your bed, you won’t be dragged under by the Ankle-grabber

· Make sure to cover your mirrors. As soon as the lights go out, all manner of ghouls pour straight out of it.

· Nothing can come out of the dark corners if you don’t look at them

· Close the wardrobe door. This one is very duh. Once the wardrobe door is shut, a magical seal prevents anything from emerging.

· If you need the bathroom in the middle of the night, you’ll have to turn on every light in the house. This is just standard practice.

Good luck, everybody.

The night is dark and full of terrors.

The real reason I keep the door shut at night is because I have four cats and they like to take turns pissing on my face, on my body and on my clothes.

I made all that other stuff up because I didn’t want to admit that my pets hate me.

Jake Williams

Closed, and locked.


· Fire safety. We live in an old house with a fireplace, lots of wood, a gas cooker, and little insulation. It pays to have a barrier between your sleeping body and the smoke.

· My dog is an asshole. If he can get in, I wake up with enough pressure on my chest to fear a heart attack.

· My dad gets up an hour before me to go to work, and if my door is open the lights might wake me.

· I’m still not 100% sure there isn’t a ghoul living in the dark. Pays to be safe.

Ivan Tregear

Closed, closed, closed, closed, closed.

Did I mention I like keeping it closed?

I have a sort of OCD when it comes to doors. If I’m in the room, it needs to be closed. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, doesn’t matter who’s inside the room. It needs to be closed.

It’s not a sound thing. I keep the door closed even when there’s nobody else in the house. I think it’s just a ‘complete’ thing. As hippy-dippy as it sounds, I feel more complete when the door’s closed.

Plus it keeps the monsters out when I’m sleeping.

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