1. I lost over 80kg and I don’t have friends to be excited about my change so I’m hoping one of you guys appreciate it.


2. He treated me the same way at 485 lbs that he does at 182 lbs. Love doesn’t have a size or weight limit


3. I am a 30-year-old female, and have gone from a size 26 to a size 8 in 2 years, of course I have loose skin!! It’s nothing to be afraid of


4. Photo on the left was from 2 years ago today and I’m still shocked that I actually have a neck


5. 20 less than 2 Years it took me to lose this weight.


6. I’ve lost a lot of weight, a lot of sadness, and a little facial hair. I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for life. Remember to always love yourself

Jeffrey Kendall

7. Collin Clarke has down syndrome, but still managed to lose weight and gain muscle mass

Collin Clarke, Collin Clarke

8. Two friends who got fit together


9. Two and a half years ago, my brother turned his life upside down and i couldn’t be more proud.


10. 35 lb loss Quit drinking one year ago.


11. To some people this might look like two different girls but I’m still the same girl in the first picture as I am in the second picture


12. To all who think it can’t be done. IT CAN.


13. 25 Months, Varied


14. Chinese family spends 6 months working out, and here are their before-and-after pics


15. Spent most of my twenties depressed & drunk. Looking forward to spending my thirties happier & healthier!


16. Lost 128 lbs in 1 year and 8 months No surgery. No diet. So much hard work.


17. So crazy that just over 3 years can completely change a persons life! From size 26 to 6


18. 90 lbs lost in 1 year. Last year at this time I was the heaviest and most unhealthy I’ve ever been. This year I walked in my city’s fashion week.


19. 2 years, 100lb lost.


20. 480 to 220!


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