1. How my bf cut his pizza tonight

deeelightful / Via reddit.com

2. And this is why my bf isn’t allowed to put the chips away. Its been 24 hours. They are ruined.

sf1592 / Via reddit.com

3. My boyfriend is a savage.

marie-llama / Via reddit.com

4. The way my sisters BF cuts bread

KIRBCZECH / Via reddit.com

5. The way my boyfriend sliced this avocado…

jgo215 / Via reddit.com

6. My boyfriend puts empty candy wrappers back into this bag full of candy

glasseskouhai / Via reddit.com

7. My boyfriend’s food cupboard. I think he must upend his shopping bags direct in the cupboard rather than unpack.

lellielellelelle / Via reddit.com

8. My Boyfriend Decided to Bake Cookies

perpetuallimerence / Via reddit.com

9. The way my boyfriend is eating this pie.

fobwwegirl / Via reddit.com

10. My boyfriend tore off the tips of all the bananas this morning

ab0rtretryfail / Via reddit.com

11. Why I won’t let my boyfriend move in with me

beloveddorian / Via reddit.com

12. How my boyfriend eats his kit kat


13. I Asked My Boyfriend To Finish Cutting Up The Watermelon..

klc88 / Via reddit.com

14. My boyfriend asked to try a bit of my Italian ice.

Stellar_Eyebrows / Via reddit.com

15. The way my bf opens a can

let_me_in_already / Via reddit.com

16. My boyfriend put kraft singles on my homemade tortilla chips

Lovestoothpaste / Via reddit.com

17. This guy who took his fork to some butter for his waffles

Hannahoberst / Via reddit.com

18. Asked my boyfriend to cut my sandwich in half.

LivingwithRobots / Via reddit.com

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