I think we need fat people in this world so that those of us who are’t fat can look at them and feel better about ourselves. It’s fucked up how that works but it’s the truth. If you want to feel better about yourself, compare yourself to those who are less fortunate.
What I want to know is what motivates them to keep living besides making us feel better about ourselves.

Claire J. Vannette

Why wouldn’t the usual reasons for living apply?

Goals and dreams.
Loved ones.
Pleasure and happiness.
Religion and spirituality.

Being alive is pretty great. Sometimes, people decide it’s not great, and in fact it’s so terrible that they don’t want to be alive anymore. But most of us try to keep living. Fat has nothing to do with that. Why would it? Maybe you think fat people are worthless. That says more about you than it does about fat people.

Ted Ueda

The point of shallow people is to make me feel deep. Thank you.

Pausha Foley

I imagine that what motivates them to keep living is their thoughts, ideas, feelings, passions, projects, goals, dreams. They live because they love, hate, cherish, yearn, despise and embrace.

What motivates them to keep living is who they are, not how they look.

Victor Rutledge

I kind of like being fat. I’m old enough not to want to be ‘hit on’ by women, and being a bit fat makes this at least unlikely. I don’t have to worry about my diet, if I like it, I can have some. I don’t have to constantly be trying to ‘look my best’ because my best is just what there is, take it or leave it. I can feel good about taking a walk, because I just carried 50 lbs, [24 kilos] out with me and for the entire journey. I don’t care that others don’t find me attractive, I’m glad of it. I needn’t be concerned about many things, because I have no need for them. (fancy clothes, making appearances among others, looking ‘just right’) being overweight is who I am , and I like me.

Kaydee Kreitlow

That’s a pretty narcissistic view of life. No one exists just for your benefit. How about you focus on what you are doing to improve the world instead of why other people exist?

Quora User

Being fat, clinically obese, is a condition that is treatable and one that can be successfully treated. Those with this issue run the gamut but are often successful (Luciano Pavarotti, Chris Christie, John Goodman, Aretha Franklin,etc.). They are productive, kind people who have many friends, loved ones who are respected, talented, and have good careers.

Being mean, ignorant and cruel makes you unlikeable. There is no cure for that. You need a healthy dose of grow up and act like a human being.

Khushagra Singh

Well… I weigh 200 pounds and when you’ll look at me, you’d probably feel better about yourself but when I’ll look at you, I’ll feel better about myself because apparently, I’m more sensitive, respectful, nicer and overall better human being at heart that you are. We are all in this together…

Robert Rister

I know a man who’s a few years younger than I am, in his 50′s, who weighs 550 pounds who has no major diseases (no heart disease, no diabetes, no liver disease, some joint problems, but he’s mobile), who works every day, who has a family he loves, and who participates in sports every weekend. He couldn’t care less about what you think:)

Melissa Bornbach

Ah, this sounds like troll bait. I’m very slender but I don’t look at people who weigh more than me and feel better about myself. Honestly, I’ve known plenty of people who are overweight according to society’s standards, and I still find some of them attractive.

Full disclosure: Yes, I have compared myself to other people in a variety of ways to try to make myself feel better. I have since learned something: true confidence lies not in comparing myself to others who are “less fortunate” but in not needing to compare myself at all.

Yogesh Vaidya

Change your approach towards life, life will change for you. I am one of weakest student of my class but I don’t care about others.

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