Pitched on a cliff-top, my tent caught the wind, inflated and blew away into the sea. Luckily I wasn’t in it and a chum had a spare one in the boot of his car.

Not exactly a horror story, but it’s funny. I grew up in Washington state, so there’s an abundance of wildlife. When I was probably about 6, I woke up to a deer with it’s head inside our tent chewing on my toes. Back then it was terrifying, I thought I was going to be eaten alive by a deer. But it’s hilarious to think back on now.

Went camping with my family as a kid, it was in the summer but my dad didn’t realize how cold it would be in the night so we didn’t really bring enough blankets or warm clothes so all four of us huddled together on a queen sized inflatable mattress. I was on the end so my sister said I could spoon her for warmth and as I did she let out the loudest smelliest fart but I didn’t even care or move because that’s how cold I was!!

Image Credit: Wonderopolis

1. my family went camping in death valley when I was young. My mother and I were at the picnic table and my father was at the car. A sandstorm came and my mother said “just close your eyes and we will wait it out here. Young me screams “dad where are you” and runs straight into the fire pit. I was stuck lying there (no fire tho) for like 2 minutes.
2. going on a fifty mile trip with my scout troop. We are in Lassen national Park and we find a nice lake to swim and and strip down to shorts and hop in then we hear”yo what the hell there’s a worm on me”. Turns out there were leeches in the water and being city boys that was our first leech experience. We all run out of the water and have about 2 leeches per
3. same fifty mile trip. A deer comes into our campsite (which is set up in a forest of burnt trees) and running around. We all kinda freeze and when we turn the light on the deer had my hiking pole in it’s mouth and then panicked, bolted and carried it 20 yards out of camp