A Chinese middle school rose to fame this week after its pupils’ English handwriting amazed internet users.

Photographs from Chinese social media show the students at Hengshui Middle School, central China, were required to write English letters as if they were printed off from computers, reported People’s Daily Online.

They were even told to write each letter in the exactly same way every time.

Pupils from Hengshui Middle School wrote English essays and were graded by their handwriting. Above, a student got a comment: ‘Not one stroke more; not one stroke less’

One pupil was given an A minus, but the teacher reminded her to be more careful while writing the lower-case T

Pictures of the freehand compositions denoting a wide variety of social and cultural topics, from prejudice against female authors to the importance of keeping healthy eating habits.

Although the pupils’ grammar needs improving, their handwriting is so neat that they could be easily mistaken for being written on computers.

However, despite the pupils’ perfect spacing and fine grasp of italics, their teachers still found room for them to improve.

The above is thought to be an example handed out to the pupils, written by a top-ranking student from the past

One pupil, who was graded B, was told by the teacher to write better ‘f’s and ‘g’s in the future

The teacher told one pupil (above), named Hu Yingchen, to ‘see me for criticism’ for her bad handwriting

Comments from the teacher such as ‘definitely need more practice’ and ‘better’ can be seen at the top of the compositions.

One pupil received the comment ‘Not one stroke more; not one stroke less’ for a tendency to write letters too short.

The teacher told one pupil, named Hu Yingchen, to ‘see me for criticism’ due to her bad handwriting.

Chinese web users are awed by the neat handwriting and compared them to their ‘textbooks’.

Some of them feel envious of the pupils’ English teacher and wished they had got teachers like that when they were studying.

Hengshui Middle School, a boarding school in Hebei province, is famous for its strict academic requirements

Managed in a military style, the school has more than 5,000 pupils between the ages of 15 and 18

Hengshui Middle School, in Heibei Province, is one of the best in the country.

The military-style boarding school has more than 5,000 pupils between the ages of 15 to 18.

The school is famous for helping pupils achieve high scores in the yearly University Entrance Examination.