#1 “That’s my swing!”

IIwaterfountains / Via imgur.com

#2 “Oh, it seems I’m stuck.”

Playland / Via reddit.com

#3 For what do you need a car if not for practicing balancing skills?

urbanoffroad / Via imgur.com

#4 “Can you at least pretend to be normal?”

mdanger88 / Via reddit.com

#5 “Her annual Christmas ritual”

Gouca / Via reddit.com

#6 This angel is trying to break free.

skeptic_septic / Via reddit.com

#7 “My son and my cat have a weird relationship.”

Buzzspucket / Via reddit.com

#8 The best place to sit ever!

gerbcity / Via reddit.com

#9 “He’s always sleeping on the fence.”

DD1234567 / Via imgur.com

#10 “Who’s beautiful? I’m beautiful!”

ktobey / Via imgur.com

#11 “Hey, what are you doing? Taking a shower? That’s cool. I’ll just hang out here.”

AredLion / Via imgur.com

#12 “I will teach you non-standard ways to use a scratching post.”

Lo0ody- / Via reddit.com

#13 Food is always tastier in a friend’s bowl.

cassiejwl / Via twitter.com

#14 “This is how my cat sleeps.”

assburgers98 / Via reddit.com

#15 Brand new pizza flavor

special-stars / Via reddit.com

#16 “Just bought a new game for our cat Thomas, but I think he’s playing it wrong…”

dbiryukovich / Via reddit.com

#17 “Hee hee, no one will find me.”

colettetheparisiancat / Via instagram.com

#18 “My friend built a house for his cat…”

justanotherjack / Via reddit.com

#19 “What are these 2 empty beds here for?”

bigblackpussycat / Via reddit.com

#20 “I can be a cat, I can be a scarf.”

quitathekitty / Via reddit.com

#21 “He’s got a full bowl of water inside.”

k1llallh1pp1es / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: special-stars / reddit.com, DD1234567 / imgur.com