#1 Australian echidnas don’t care about forest fires. They just dig deep into the ground and sleep. Yes, this one had a close brush with a fire, but it’s okay.

Echidna CSI / Via facebook.com

#2 This hair that got caught in my jacket zipper.

lizallalone / Via reddit.com

#3 A not yet released 2020 car being driven downtown, totally hidden.

purpleeliz / Via reddit.com

#4 This face gets me every time.

zulu_cat / Via reddit.com

#5 The Surinam cent is a square coin.

walnutsrgay / Via reddit.com

#6 All these different kinds of turtles.

alonelycuteboy / Via reddit.com

#7 A “cute” mushroom.

AxelDe / Via pikabu.ru

#8 That alien lemon.

omricode / Via reddit.com

#9 I saw a sink/stove/mini fridge hybrid at a customer’s house.

tmc2996 / Via reddit.com

#10 This building on my street looks two-dimensional from a certain angle.

pillow_fite / Via reddit.com

#11 I had a quadruple mini banana this morning.

sigglet / Via reddit.com

#12 This Cloud above Reykjavík, Iceland yesterday.

IcelandicCartBoy / Via reddit.com

#13 I need 7 feet of sausage, please.

kuchka70 / Via pikabu.ru

#14 This picture was made by popping a balloon filled with smoke.

SPYDABLAKK / Via reddit.com

#15 Pooh and his friends were given as gifts by author A. A. Milne to his son Christopher Robin Milne between 1920 and 1922. Pooh was purchased in London at Harrods for Christopher’s first birthday. Christopher later gave them to publisher E. P. Dutton, who in turn donated them to the NY Public Library.

bigmeat / Via reddit.com

#16 A gopher smelling a flower.

dickvanduijn / Via instagram.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: zulu_cat / reddit.com