1. When Brendon Urie just couldn’t with President Trump.

2. When Cher wore it first.

3. When Lorde celebrated her new song in style.

4. When Cole Sprouse combined Riverdale and The Suite Life.

5. And when his twin brother Dylan burned him with this reply.

6. When Kelly Clarkson shared this flashback.

7. When Camila Cabello proved even celebs struggle with prices.

8. And when Camila Mendes really wanted to stop being confused for a fan account.

9. When Mindy Kaling was sprung.

10. When J.K. Rowling delivered the biggest of zingers.

11. And when Chrissy Teigen remained iconic, as always, with her Twitter replies.

12. When Sarah Hyland had the perfect response to a troll.


13. When Ellen proudly joined in on Beyoncé’s announcement.

14. And when Gina Rodriguez found herself pregnant too.

15. When Leslie Jones shared her motivation

16. When Ryan Reynolds’ dark humour never failed to make people laugh.

17. When Christina Applegate became super-relatable.

18. When Anna Kendrick nailed the most important three words in the English language.