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I think Elisa Lam’s tape was security camera footage. I bet most people know her story by now but to summarize, she was traveling and she decided to stay at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. While she was there, she displayed really odd behavior shown in the footage and she disappeared. In February of 2013 people began complaining of the water tasting weird and someone went to check the water tank. Her body was found in the water tank and it’s a mystery on how she got there in the first place since only employees had access and the lid to the tank was supposedly too heavy to be lifted by one person. The Cecil hotel has a very creepy history. Some people report it’s haunted and serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger stayed there in the past.


We once booked into a B&B in Devon, UK. We were in the large loft room/suite, as it had an extra room for the children. We settled in, and switched on the TV, only to see that it was tuned into what was obviously CCTV of a bathroom. The camera was positioned high up in one corner, and had a view of the entire bathroom (shower, toilet etc). It wasn’t our bathroom, but we guessed it was another guest room in the B&B. We fairly quickly switched it off as didn’t want to see anyone come in and start using it! We then started to look around our own room, and bathroom for cameras, and whilst we couldn’t see any, we did start to notice them hidden in other parts of the building (dining room etc). We only stayed one night.

Bhavesh Mandloi

Few days ago one of my friends came to me and told: Hey, have you seen this CCTV footage of the murder at the gas station?

I was shocked that some guys murdered a 19 years old guy at the gas station.

He gave me the video.

There were 6–7 men who surrounded a young guy of around 19 and they started to beat him cruelly.

In a while the guy tried to escape but other did not let him leave the gas station and hit him with the iron rod on his leg so that he cannot move away.

After that he was not in condition to move from the place, one of the guys took a big stone from the surround and hit the stone on the 19 years old guy’s head. He repeated the same till the guy died.

There were many people on the station but no one dared to stop these guys from killing him.

Later on all those ran on bikes.


Former Security Consultant and Analyst here, worked for a private company, I answered another question about how my boss was setting up cameras in young girls bedrooms, that was scandalous, but, working with home security systems and thus security cameras, ive seen a few things, but I think the creepiest thing I have seen is hands down the Amitty Tapes.

Yes, our company had a client in that god awful place, not the actual house of course, but a near by one, you could actually walk to the real place from the clients place, it was less than three miles.

Four cameras around the house, very good cameras with wide lenses so that they had a 220 degree view, I highly recommend such cameras as you can use fewer without losing coverage, anyway back to the case at hand!

The client complained of people in their yard at weird hours. so we set up the cameras, and the very next week (like five days later) I get a call from the client, referred to me by my direct supervisor who didn’t want to deal with the ‘paranoid’ guy.

I go over and watch the footage, because the guy is freaking out and babbling. Okay ive seen this before, its probably a bug or something on the lenses (wide lenses can distort close up objects making them seem very alien)

nope. A thousand times nope.

Five people walk into the yard, you see them clearly, shuffling along like some kind of Romero Zombie. They stand in the middle of the yard swaying like trees in the wind for like three hours, then disperse…but that’s not the freaking part.

About five minutes after they leave a fucking shadow THING appears, doesn’t ooze or slink in, just BOOM there right in the center of where the zombie people were standing.

Please understand, ive been working with these kinds of systems for YEARS by this point, there is NOTHING in the program or the lense that could produce this.

But what was truly terrifying is that you couldn’t really tell what it was. It moved, but not like an animal, more like it was floating, or had millions of little legs under it to make it look like it was floating.

The Client asked me what it was I had no answer.

I was not a particular religious person at the time, but I still crossed myself and went to the Baptist church right after for a few blessings. The Client moved out a few weeks later, last I heard the house still doesn’t have anyone living in it, was bought once, but the new owner left after a few days.

As a note, I refused, REFUSED to go back after that. I’ve seen so much, ive seen murders, rapes, creepy stalker guys coming out of the crawl space, and homeless people crapping in flower pots…But I have seen NOTHING like whatever the Holy F*ck that was.

If you want to ‘try for a scare’ at Amitty, DONT. for the love of god don’t. I always wrote off that place as superstition built around coincidence…there is a reason I moved into an old church house a year after this people.

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