Teodora Motateanu

My daughter – approx 4 years old – watching me getting dressed for office in the morning.

She pointed at a very colorful dress – something like this:

“Can you wear this one? “


“Why not? “

Because you wear this when you go to a party.

She raised an eyebrow. Thinking.

“Can I wear it when you die?”

…?????? ………………………. ………………………………!!!! “Sorry?”

“When you’ll die, can I have it please?”

Hmmmm…. I was in my early thirties? Perfect health? Good driving skills?

Yes honey, sure you can have it… when I die.

“Thank you mom!” – very happy face.

Ted Reynolds

I had just met this family, and we were driving out to dinner. I was in the back seat with their little boy.

He leaned over and told me “Do you know that you and I and everyone . . . the whole world . . . are in the stomach of a huge giant?”

“Good heavens,” I said. “Why do you think that?”

“Oh,” he said very quietly, “I’ve noticed.”


On the beach in Thailand in 2004, the day of the Tsunami. Me being 4 at the time I ask my mother if we can go now, when she inquires why I just keep repeating “I’m scared of the big wave coming.”

After half an hour of harassment we leave the beach and head for Bangkok, we’re leaving later that day and thanks to my pestering we abandoned the beach day in favour of shopping at the malls. We see on the big screen overhead in the mall the news of the Tsunami hitting the beach we were on just a few hours prior. I like to think I’m a prophet now but I’m sure it was a spooky coincidence.

Justin Franco

My wife was out of town for a conference, and my 3-year-old daughter was in our bathroom brushing her teeth before bed. It was dark in the room except for the light streaming out from the bathroom area. The rest of the house was dark and silent. I was sitting on the bed reading a magazine and waiting for my daughter to finish. We were alone.

I could hear the rhythmic brush-brush-brush-brush-brush on the other side of the room, but then she stopped. I looked up and saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was silent for a moment, stared straight back at me very calmly and asked, “Daddy? Who’s coming up the stairs?”

Thankfully, no one was, but it freaked the bejesus out of me.

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