#1 So you’ve definitely experienced this moment:

RTE2fm / Via twitter.com

#2 And this one:

the_introvertlife / Via instagram.com

#3 You’ve sent a text that had you looking at the screen and thinking, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Un-send!”:

decentbirthday / Via twitter.com

#4 Speaking of texting, you’ve suffered through this:

memesbecausewhy / Via instagram.com

#5 You’ve experienced other phone-related awkwardness too:

carothebarber / Via instagram.com

#6 You’ve sat through a really, REALLY long “Happy Birthday” song:

my_indie_spot / Via instagram.com

#7 And you’ve had someone over at your place who WOULD. NOT. LEAVE.:

thereviewgirls / Via instagram.com

#8 You’ve gone in for a hug when you really shouldn’t have:

XtinaNovakovic / Via twitter.com

#9 You’ve been caught in the background of someone’s photo and stood there like:

pipsacola / Via instagram.com

#10 Your voice has betrayed you in the most awk way:

daisbat / Via twitter.com

#11 But even when your voice sounded normal things have gotten cringey:

uncle_touchys / Via instagram.com

#12 Remember your school days? Well, you definitely experienced this:

jokingkingmemes / Via instagram.com

#13 And while we’re throwing it back, remember how your heart crumbled into a million pieces here:

Sony / Via sarcasm.dudes

#14 You KNOW you’ve done this:

Screen Gems / Via buzzfeed.com

#15 And you’ve sweated through this:

mr_billyflynn / Via instagram.com

#16 You’ve gotten this number at the deli:

annmarieinthecity / Via instagram.com

#17 You’ve been at a party or three like this:

awkwardheads / Via instagram.com

#18 You’ve suffered through having your different friend groups meet up:

psychiatricmind / Via instagram.com

#19 And you can recall EXACTLY what this felt like:

hasna_jaroori_hai / Via instagram.com

#20 Basically, this:

9GAG / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: hasna_jaroori_hai / instagram.com