I planned a party and invited literally everyone I knew, which was like 75 people. People RSVP’d and I was really excited. My mom and one friend showed up. I’ll never really erase the image of me, sitting with my dog and 20 party sized bags of chips waiting for people who were never going to show up.
My friend and mom tried to cheer me up, and we drank a lot of blackberry vodka… but I took it really personally.
I haven’t had a party since.

The time I was fired over not completing my Co-workers assignments.
To the boss, he was a charismatic puppy… To me (the new guy,) he was a pretentious douche. When my boss went on vacation, we had both been assigned work. During that week, I completed my work early and started on a less critical project. My co-worker, on the other hand, had been browsing 9gag and playing minecraft.
He asked, “Hey [squeeeeenis,] you’re going to hate me for this… but I need you to do [His assignment.]” When I declined, he threatened to write an E-mail to the boss saying I ‘Refused to help’ him.
I responded by saying, “I’d help, but I’m not just going to straight up do your work.”
I was fired a week later… For refusing to help…

Image Credit: Zee News, india.com

I was about 8 or 9, and I had a pet guinea pig. I used to take him outside to the front lawn, and let him run around on the grass. We lived in a townhouse complex, with lots of kids and so knew everyone. Now, there obviously was the one “tough guy” who thought he was so cool, picking on kids half his age.
Anyway, asshole and his friends come over and see me with the guinea pig outside. I was friends with his sister, and I was a super nice trusting kid. He asked me if he could hold my little buddy, and I said sure. He holds him, pets him for a few minutes, and puts him back down on the lawn and leaves. I distinctly remember feeling slightly surprised that he wasn’t being his normal asshole self, and made a comment to his sister about it.
Fast-forward about 5 minutes, and I realize my little furry buddy isn’t moving. I pick him up, and am obviously panicked and upset and realize that that piece of shit kid had purposely squeezed my guinea pig so tight that his eyes had popped out of his head and he had killed him. Look down the row, see him and his friends laughing hysterically, then running away.
I lose it, start bawling uncontrollably, and rush to tell my parents what happened. And then I’m not sure which felt worse – that asshole killing my pet, or the fact that my parents didn’t give a shit and brushed it off with “oh well, it happens”. Didn’t even talk to the kids parents. I will never, ever forget that day.