1. When it reminded us that youthful ignorance truly is bliss.

Brandssss_ / Via twitter.com

2. When it gave us the best maternity photo on earth

Ataliagarcia5 / Via twitter.com

3. This story of a haircut gone wrong

asialbx / Via twitter.com

4. When it introduced us to the savagery of youth

daisybhelm / Via twitter.com

5. When it was the best place to witness some great arguments.

AshKaneSkittles / Via twitter.com

6. When it brought us situations that were way too funny not to laugh…

MiaSimper101 / Via twitter.com

7. Because some are just way too good not to share.

robbiegarrick / Via twitter.com

8. Even when we shouldn’t.

I_AM_MOSIAH / Via twitter.com

9. When it gave us some of the most beautiful images on the internet.

sydney_mckae / Via twitter.com

10. When it was incredibly perceptive

MeganeiraM / Via twitter.com

11. Noticed things most people wouldn’t bother to.

Madedigital / Via twitter.com

12. Applaud their audacity.

ellieMcampbell / Via twitter.com

13. When it was relatable as hell when it came to your parents.

longlivecmvc / Via twitter.com

14. When it gave us this iconic shot

WelshGasDoc / Via twitter.com

15. When it was funny, but also deeply concerned.

kendrawcandraw / Via .com

16. When it gave us all a new appreciation for baking.

channneeell / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: asialbx / twitter