#1 This dad…

ploetzlichpapas / Via instagram.com

#2 This dad, who tried to draw Pinkie Pie for his kid, and it didn’t turn out quite like he planned.

jweihs / Via instagram.com

#3 When dad has no damn clue that Cheez-it are crackers and not cereal.

meimostafa / Via instagram.com

#4 This dad, who put the Elf on the Shelf a little too close to a light fixture.

mikemcbride9 / Via instagram.com

#5 This dad, who tried to microwave his kid’s damp shirt and this happened.

timoconnorgram / Via instagram.com

#6 No dad I don’t need your help, I can wipe myself……. Famous last words.

theicecreamman916 / Via instagram.com

#7 This dad, who thought his kid’s knitted diaper cover was a hat.

theprodaddy / Via instagram.com

#8 Can you spot the problem with daddy’s drawing?!

Oh……that’s a whistle – she’s blowing a whistle!
babytoddlerandkids / Via instagram.com

#9 When you leave the husband in charge of nursery pick up, and she arrives home home in odd wellies, both for the left foot, two completely different sizes and neither belonging to her in the first place.

mrsfretty / Via instagram.com

#10 This dad, whose tweet sums up the perils of fatherhood in the most hilarious way possible.

#11 This dad, who tried to make an apple pie.

markinmarlton / Via instagram.com

#12 When daddy puts the baby monitor on, and completely missed the baby altogether.

amoris_et_lux_111 / Via instagram.com

#13 Sometimes it all goes wrong.

the_good_baker / Via instagram.com

Preview photo credit: babytoddlerandkids / instagram.com