1. They told no lies

dylanceeee / Via twitter.com

2. They were generous

savcostanza / Via twitter.com

3. They appreciated the finer things in life


4. They were very observant

makeesomenoyes / Via twitter.com

5. Their levels of artistry knew no bounds

FLJBieber / Via twitter.com

6. They were always down to party

kaynecaraway / Via twitter.com

7. They could not have been more polite

gsheffr / Via twitter.com

8. They solved some huge problems

owlpellet / Via tumblr.com

9. They loved their family the way they needed to be loved

brandnhampshire / Via twitter.com

10. They were totally loyal

haleyrosefergie / Via twitter.com

11. They always found a way home

elitereloaded / Via imgur.com

12. They never let a Monday ruin their Monday

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13. They cared too much

SabraTeel / Via twitter.com

14. They made profoundly astute observations

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Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: me.me