1. Woke up this morning to 6 cops, a fire truck, and an ambulance at my door because a passing car was concerned about the one Halloween decoration I neglected to take down.

MahatmaBlondhi / Via reddit.com

2. I had a rough day yesterday, you guys.

TheOwlAndTheFinch / Via reddit.com

3. What do you do in this situation.

prayag_sonar / Via twitter.com

4. Sh*t…

Pirate_Redbeard / Via reddit.com

5. Accidentally spilled coffee grounds on the floor…and all over my child.

sheriffduwayne / Via reddit.com

6. Thirsty

bea_ker / Via twitter.com

7. Sometimes we hold on tight to the wrong things

youneverknowwhatyouregoingtoget / Via imgur.com

8. Abraham Lincoln

blokkiesam / Via reddit.com

9. I mean, what are the odds…

girolski07 / Via reddit.com

10. At least it didn’t get on her shirt.

pieCharmed / Via reddit.com

11. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

qbedo / Via reddit.com

12. How can you fu*k up this much?

idea4granted / Via reddit.com

13. When you try to look cool but it’s cold out.

adamjmoussa / Via twitter.com

14. When you want to impress the neighbors with your modern solutions, but then become known as the guy who destroyed a Jeep at the push of a button.

vertigo1084 / Via reddit.com

15. My friend got notice that his package was delayed, then sent me this on his drive home saying “so that’s what happened”.

LadyAntoinette / Via reddit.com

16. These a**holes told me it was a sweater party.

VancityReynolds / Via twitter.com

17. C’mon Kyle.

emitremmus27 / Via reddit.com

18. Not today.

Rune_FB / Via reddit.com

19. This is a nice place to take a pic…

Heba_1123 / Via twitter.com

20. I bet Kevin was wondering why people were giving him strange looks at work yesterday.

WolfDangler / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: sheriffduwayne / reddit, LadyAntoinette / Reddit