Kamal Karan Matham

Steps to become a super saiyan..

1. Leave your job

2. Go to some vacant island.

3. Train day and night

4. Keep training

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for over 20 years

6. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 for another 20 years in 100g.

7. Then finally you will be very powerful.

8. Now to become a super saiyan… You need some villain who destroys everyone on the Earth.

9. Hate the villain

10. Love for humanity is needed

11. Fight the villain

12. Keep fighting the villain in slow motion for many days.

13. Lose all your power.

14. Then there comes a time when your love for humanity will give you enormous strength.

15. Focus all this energy

16. You will notice that you are reviving

17. At a point you will feel you are more powerful than ever

18. Suddenly your hair will grow and you will become blonde

19. Congratulations!! You are now a certified SUPER SAIYAN

Pek Pongpaet

You can’t because you are human. Only Saiyans can turn SuperSaiyan. If you were part Saiyan then with training maybe you could.

Mark Johnson

1. Grow your hair long

2. Dye your hair blonde

3. Use strong gel to spike it up

4. Get buff (work out or take steroids)

5. Learn to scream more loudly

6. Scream loudly


There are 2 Ways of Becoming a Super Saiyan

Method 1:

1) Find a childhood friend

2) Shave his Head

3) Hire a goon(Approx. of 5′ 3″ height)

4) Make him kill your friend(he can be revived later using dragon balls)

5) Shout until your hair Turns yellow

Method 2:

1) Find a Friend who’s already reached super saiyan level

2) Spend Your time in solitude envying his powers

3) Shout until your hair turns yellow

This Above procedure is devised assuming you posses alteast trace amounts of Saiyan DNA,in absence you may have side effects like a 3rd eye,skin turning green,etc. But the method is sure to raise your power evel over 9000..!!!!

Kevin Kuyl

according to DBZ lore, to become a super saiayin, the first requirement would be having 2 saiayin parents, the native species to the planet vegeta. assuming you are human, you cant.

however, the human body of itself is capable of amazing things. the only way to discover the limits, is to train, try, and never be affraid to get hurt in the process, you will get hurt, a lot even.

start out with running and working out like a normal human being, to put it in DBZ terms, your ‘powerlevel’ is -10.

once you can run for about an hour at your max without getting tired or out of breath, start freerunning, use ankle weights, anything to push your training further.

another note i’d like to make is, cartoons are not real. a human thought it up, please recognize the difference between fantasy and reality.

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