#1 First, spiders have a right to be mad this time of year:

#2 While this dog enjoyed a Halloween-themed birthday party:

#3 This Star Wars tweet was hilariously real:

#4 And this response to it was

#5 This guy had a sobering realization:

#6 And this girl threw some shade at her BF:

#7 This dad had a fair question about Halloween candy:

#8 While this Halloween candy ranking was very accurate:

#9 This dad was #FamilyCostumeGoals:

#10 And this mom’s DIY decoration was *Chef’s Kiss*:

#11 While this guy made the mistake of discussing costumes with the internet:

#12 This dad made the mistake of discussing costumes with his 7-year-old:

#13 This college student knew an easy way to get a scare this time of year:

#14 And, speaking of college…RIP frats:

#15 While these Spongebob fans have already won Halloween:

#16 These kids’ Transformers costumes came pretty close, though:

#17 This guy brought the festivities down a bit:

#18 And, uh, this girl was having a bit of a dry streak too:

imfeelingrosie / Via twitter.com

#19 These dogs found the perfect costumes:

#20 This girl had an important reminder of who NOT to dress up like:

Lastly, people dug this guy’s Halloween Netflix list (so go watch a scary movie and enjoy the holiday!):

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: WoofWoof_TV / twitter.com