1. Always get the freshest fries.
McDonalds hack: ask for no salt on your fries and they have to make you a fresh batch. Then if you want just add your own salt
HLewis116 / Via twitter.com

2. And never pay for water again.
summer survival hack (that I just learned today): order an extra large ice water (free) instead of bottled water ($3+)
maneatingsnark / Via twitter.com

3. If you’re in a country that has all-day breakfast, get egg and bacon added to your burgers.

itsmejonlee / Via instagram.com

4. Get the Big Mac without the extra bun.
McDonalds Hack: Get a mcdouble, but substitute the ketchup & mustard for big mac sauce and lettuce. You will NOT regret it
EnjoiKushhh / Via twitter.com

5. Or add a hash brown in the middle for extra potato-y goodness.
I just recently figured out that u can put a hash brown on a mcdouble n really hack the experience. don’t tell anyone I told u
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6. Save money by getting a Sausage McMuffin and an extra egg on the side.

$2.59 #McdonaldsHack breakfast sandwich: $1.59 Sausage McMuffin & $1 off menu side egg whites. #mcdonalds Save $2!
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7. Or if you’re in a country that serves avocado on some of its burgers, add it to your breakfast.

n0elchen / Via instagram.com

8. Try out a DIY affogato.

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9. And enjoy a gourmet AF dessert.
Mcdonald’s food hack: get a baked apple pie, break it up, and cool it down. Mix it into a sundae.
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10. Step up your fries game.

Life hack: next time you go to mcdonalds ask fries & Big Mac sauce. Tastes just like In n Out animal style fries.
Svhaaaa / Via twitter.com, taopauly / Via instagram.com

11. Actually, just put Big Mac sauce on everything.
Life hack : order bacon and cheese mcmuffin meal and a tub of big Mac sauce. Dip your hash brown in, and spread on the mcmuffin. Yass
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12. Add fruit to your sundaes for health.
Mcdonalds hack: get a Carmel Sundae and diced apples (the kind for oatmeal) & put them in it then you have the best Sundae of your life.
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13. Combine your powers.
Life hack: go to mcdonalds for fries. Then go to taco bell for cheese dip.
Cheese fries
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14. Stop your hands from getting frozen.

emilycartney / Via twitter.com

15. Put mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce on a McChicken for a chicken parmigiana burger.

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16. Remember that bacon always makes everything better.
Life hack: add bacon to your Big Mac
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17. Add soft serve to a frozen Coke for a delicious spider.

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18. Or try a deluxe iced coffee.
Pro tip: next time you’re at McDonald’s, get an iced coffee float—iced coffee w/cream + soft serve on the bottom of the cup. aka McAwesome
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19. Add McFlurry toppings to sundaes.

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20. And add sundae sauces to your healthy breakfasts.
Pro Tip: McDonalds oatmeal tastes 1000% better with caramel.
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And rock up just as they’re closing to get free food.
Omgg i just got free burgers at the mcdonalds cuz they’re closing
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