1. When your alarm betrays you

2. When you’re already late, but can’t leave ‘cause you lost something you need

3. When your snooze button betrays you

4. When waking up early still doesn’t prevent you from being late

5. When you have some inconsistencies in your alibi

6. When you thought you had more time to get ready

7. When you’re hungry and running behind

8. When you betray yourself

9. When you’re the reason everyone is late


10. When you’ve learned that rushing isn’t going to make things any better

11. When the universe does everything in it’s power to work against you…

12. …and the few and far between moments when it works in your favor

13. Or when your friends show up and you don’t really have a choice but to hurry

14. When the world slows down, but time still doesn’t

15. When you have to play catch up because everyone’s already drunk

16. When you actually have a valid excuse for your tardiness

17. And when you’re obviously not ready