1. This result of not reading things through.

2. This slight misunderstanding.

3. This loyal mum.

4. And this mum who misread a situation.

5. This mum who takes no shit.

6. This excellent use of technology.

7. This mum who’s had quite enough.

8. This deception.

9. This embarrassing mixup.

10. This woman who’s quite the storyteller.

11. This guy just reaching out to another person.

12. This misheard song lyric.

13. This woman’s complaint.

14. This very dedicated pet owner.

15. This one’s response to nudes.

16. This boyfriend who ignored the hint.

17. This drunken praise.

18. This guy who wasn’t about to be disrespected on his birthday.

19. This screenshot that went to the wrong person.

20. This very legitimate advice.