If you think you’re having a horrible day, just remember…

#1 At least you aren’t this forgetful:

klondikebrat / Via twitter.com

#2 And at least you didn’t turn your corn to coal:

therallyking / Via twitter.com

#3 And, hey, you didn’t stick your head where it doesn’t belong:

mondaycures / Via facebook.com

#4 Look at the bright side: you still have your car:

ayeeelyse / Via twitter.com

#5 Your keys:

theangrybritishgamer / Via reddit.com

#6 And you aren’t about to take a huge bite out of old tomato:

Snbridenbaugh / Via reddit.com

#7 Think about the positives – your living room is dry:

EuphemismForANewReligon / Via imgur.com

#8 Your car didn’t get a new paint job:

AnthonyDawnwalker / Via reddit.com

#9 And your mouth isn’t full of ants:

bringbackflipphones / Via reddit.com

#10 Think about it this way – you didn’t get attacked by birds today:

GallowBoob / Via reddit.com

#11 Or, uhhhh, you know, by birds today:

FrenchAvocadoo / Via reddit.com

#12 At least you don’t have a job interview tomorrow:

tanaminks / Via twitter.com

#13 And at least your professor isn’t mocking your every move:

illyb33 / Via twitter.com

#14 And, hey, at least you didn’t violate the floor:

marryxusami / Via twitter.com

#15 At least you weren’t betrayed by a vegetable:

camgelting / Via twitter.com

#16 Or by your own tongue:

klondikebrat / Via twitter.com

#17 At least you didn’t get fired just for trying to stay alive:

alexaanaliz / Via twitter.com

#18 And, hey, at least you’re not Joe Turo:

readyspahgetti / Via reddit.com

And if you ever feel bad, just remember: you didn’t think million dollar bills exist:

nataliecanales / Via twitter.com


Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: GallowBoob / reddit.com