#1 I’m more concerned that there is no shredded lettuce, or mayo on that “burger”.

Got this burger like this straight out of the wrapping, bun untouched but a bite is taken out of the patty. from r/trashy

#2 That’s just mean. Not clever or funny, just mean.

I’m sure this will be great for your relationship… from r/PeopleBeingJerks

#3 Who writes this and sets down the pen and says “she will understand and respect this.”

I just asked for his “John Hancock” when he used a credit card…. from r/trashy

#4 Fill the next one with concrete.

Jerks bashed my 87 year old grandmas mailbox last night. This is the inside of it, it’s obliterated. This used to happen all the time, and it happening again after so many years of it not being an issue really makes her upset. Welcome to suggestions for deterring this from happening again. from r/PeopleBeingJerks

#5 Title suggests Boulder is apparently supposed to be a place of high society immune to things like this.

Spotted in Boulder of all places from r/trashy

#6 Some people have no respect for the handicap.

Two handicapped parking spots, this jackwagon took up BOTH of them while he ran in to buy something from r/trashy

#7 Trashy yes but also seriously ballsy.

A girl I know posted this on her snap story… from r/trashy

#8 Deliver a half eaten pizza the next time she orders.

This was my tip from a Karen who ordered pizza and no plates but then demanded the plates I didn’t have. Please treat the pizza delivery driver with more respect, we work really hard. I framed this as a reminder to myself to treat other with respect and dignity from r/PeopleBeingJerks

#9 Saw this on the news.

It’s so bad at my university they had to release an email telling people to stop intentionally getting COVID-19 from r/trashy

#10 That’s a weird picture. And why is there a 5 metre kid on the bus?

Going the extra mile to not touch the handrail with his hand. from r/PeopleBeingJerks

#11 WTF 1.93 for unleaded???!

There a few times in life, that I am at a complete loss for words. from r/trashy

#12 Make up a new name every day.

This guy in my senior engineering design team from r/PeopleBeingJerks

#13 This is the worst thing.

A friend works at a library and he went to collect books from the book drop this morning from r/trashy

#14 I mean, it does make sense to use houses with traumatic events having happened for ghosts to appear, If they existed that is.

Ghost hunting at the house Chris Watts murdered his wife and children from r/trashy

#15 Ah yes. The billionaires want you stay home and not work or buy things.

Ah yes the billionaires made covid to stop you from standing close ( it says “don’t believe what the billionaires tell you”) and yes this is the UK we have idiots too from r/trashy

Preview photo credit: alicerose666 / reddit.com