1. Getting that perfect Insta is not always easy.

The only way I could pull these photos off is with a great support system

2. You have to go great lengths.
I hate how accurate this is


3. Like lay in flowers
wish I had done the same, laid on a busy sidewalk + very strategically positioned myself to avoid smushing flowers for this one LOL


4. Or bushes
Lucky u, someone left me to lay down at the bushes alone while he take the photos


5. Some will hang from a fricken boat to get the perfect shot
If you’re not trying to be tangled up and hanging like this off a boat for me to have a great picture like this, I don’t want you.


6. Or even hang from a ledge


7. The photog might lay on the ground for the angle


8. Set up a whole studio
When you need to make it look like you’re laying in a bed, but you can’t ruin your backdrop by leaning against the wall…. you build a bed out of a desk chair


9. You might have to do some heavy lifting


10. And be willing for people to stare

This is what i mean when i say take a pic of me (a random lady walking by took the second photo and demanded we see it lmao)

11. You might have to brave the elements…
If I ask u to take my picture, this is what I mean.


12. …just to get that shot
This is what true friends are


13. Sometimes equipment is needed
This is what I mean by “oh can you take a quick picture of me”


14. And a crew

Friendship goals

15. Sometimes, you even have to suffer for your pic

Katarina Zarutskie

Via BuzzFeed