1. My girlfriend tried to entice me to get out of bed. I’m ashamed to say it worked.

AberrantConductor / Via reddit.com

2. Anyone who actually knows me…

body_by_xenia / Via instagram.com

3. My girlfriend got me a mousepad with my favourite picture of her on it

OfficialDampSquid / Via reddit.com

4. My girlfriend left me a note.

“Dear Andrew, Roses are red, Cacti are thorny, I just can’t help that you make me so…wait. This isn’t a cactus. Aloe you Vera much!”
F1uffydestro / Via reddit.com

5. I don’t even care what’s inside, my girlfriend nailed the gift wrap for my bday this year

shaftjuice_ / Via reddit.com

6. This girl who came up with a solution to a problem we all have

xxgisellxx / Via twitter.com

7. My girlfriend showed up to a party for my birthday dressed as me

mattbozle / Via reddit.com

8. The cake my girlfriend got me for my 25th birthday

TGShadow69 / Via reddit.com

9. Girlfriend making surprise informational posters to convince me to get a dog. She is 28.

Jizzle_Sticks / Via reddit.com

10. The first time I went to my girlfriend’s house over 12 years ago, the first thing I noticed is not only did we have the same fan, but we had both drawn faces on them. We’ve now been married for 8 years and Bill and Andrew are still with us

stueytaytay / Via reddit.com

11. This girlfriend who’s lookin’ like a snack

ArelyCorral / Via twitter.com

12. This girl who created a piece of art on a mug

meganndooleyy / Via twitter.com

13. My girlfriend bought me a beautiful pillow for our anniversary.

NineInchSNAILS413 / Via reddit.com

14. This girlfriend who used googley eyes responsibly

Hitzel89 / Via twitter.com

15. This girlfriend who should hang this locket at the Louvre

lexieatsass / Via twitter.com

16. This girl who’s got jokes up her sleeve

lildellapenna / Via twitter.com

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