Just overheard my 6-year-old son ask Alexa, “Alexa, is there anyone my dad could beat up?”
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I became a father the day my daughter was born but I didn’t become a dad until the first time she rolled her eyes at me.
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One thing the parenting books didn’t prepare me for is having to bring home a 200-pack of toilet paper every 48 hours
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Wife: Honey why do you always wear that one old tee shirt around the house? The neck is all stretched out.
10 month old: *grabs my tee shirt neck, hauls herself up, starts slapping my face and giggling*
Wife: …yes yes I see
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Having a 3yr old around is a bit like having the director’s commentary turned on for the movie that is your life.
Except the director thinks you’re a sh*tty actor and likes pointing that out.
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3-year-old: *holds the remote for 2.5 seconds*
Me: *spends hours trying to get Netflix to not be in French*
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Accidentally asked a conference room full of coworkers if they had to go potty before the meeting and my membership to the Parent Club auto-renewed itself.
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Just asked my 7 y.o. if I could be the person who chooses the hangman word and she said, “no. You already had your childhood.”
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My 4yo asked why she couldn’t see the moon. I explained the moon’s placement in the sky and Earth rotation. Midway through my impromptu lecture, I heard her softly singing the finger family song. I stopped talking, she kept singing. I never answered her questions again.
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Me: I wonder what delights the world of parenting will offer me today?
My 6yo kid: [rubbing toothpaste over his hands as if it’s hand cream]
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Welcome to parenting, now all of your hoodies have spare napkins in them
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Toddlers indoors:
Bounce off walls with relentless, destructive force.
Toddlers at playground:
Sit motionless on the swings screaming “HIGHER!!!” until both your arms, and will to live, are broken.
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I thought it would be cute to teach my toddler my first name. Now that he wakes me by screaming it in my face I can admit how very wrong I was.
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My 8 year old daughter can already read at a 5th grade level and ignore me at a 12th grade level.
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I never realized how annoying I could be until I created a miniature version of myself and started arguing with it daily.
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