#1 When siblings are little, they’re useful:
My little brother is 13 today. I miss them days I used to say ‘I bet u can’t get me water from the kitchen in 5 seconds’ and he would pace it lol dumb guy
hxrvn_ / Via twitter.com

#2 But if they’re older, you troll them…a lot:

alexarosecarter / Via twitter.com

#3 And you do it very, very well:

matalanata / Via twitter.com

#4 You maybe do it a little too much:

kacchibiriyani_ / Via instagram.com

#5 Yup, you and your sibling squabble a lot:

cinnamxntxast / Via twitter.com

#6 And sometimes things get out of control:

#7 But at least getting out the anger is better than carrying a grudge:
Ask my siblings to close my door and they start telling me how I treated them 5 months ago
Y2SHAF / Via twitter.com

#8 This is 100% accurate about how these fights end:
Sibling fights don’t end in apology, y’all just walk around the house and don’t talk to each other for a couple hours and then one of you will pop ur head in the other’s room and ask if they want food
JbKnockout / Via twitter.com

#9 That is, unless mom gets involved:

funny_.memes25 / Via instagram.com

#10 Nothing brings you joy like knowing your sibling is in for it from your parents:

HazOsterfield / Via twitter.com

#11 And sometimes you’re happy to help get them in trouble:

_.connoisseur_of_memes._ / Via instagram.com

#12 Also, seeing your sibling mad about something is, like, the funniest thing (to you at least):

kiraaa__9 / Via twitter.com

#13 Sometimes, though, you realize you should be a little nicer:

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#14 And you might even do them a solid:
No one:
Absolutely no one:

My sisters: “on your way home can you buy me..”
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#15 You and your sibling are competitive:

jalynn_jk / Via instagram.com

#16 And you refuse to let them come out on top:

weirdmemer_007 / Via instagram.com

#17 You do not want to hear this:

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#18 But you don’t want to hear this either:

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In the end, though, you and your sibling share a bond that cuts through it all — so watch out people:

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