#1 My friend found a hard cylinder of cheese powder in her Doritos bag.

Alyssajprez / Via reddit.com

#2 This bag of Kit-Kat minis that had loose wafers in it

progwog / Via reddit.com

#3 Found a Mega-Cheeto in my bag of Hot Cheetos today.

iamtheliquor42069 / Via reddit.com

#4 I found a tripple Banana.

BanalPlay / Via reddit.com

#5 My school gave me one long french fry for lunch.

Technenaut / Via reddit.com

#6 I got a (un)sour patch kid in my bag of Swedish fish!

bridgettoterabithia / Via reddit.com

#7 My friend found a very large funyun in his bag

notlaw325 / Via reddit.com

#8 My chicken sandwich looks vaguely like Johnny Bravo.

littlebloodmage / Via reddit.com

#9 String of mini gummy bears in my bag of regular gummy bears.

BarlesInCharge / Via reddit.com

#10 This mega-chip conga line we found in a bag of Fritos today

ConsistentlyMediocre / Via reddit.com

#11 Found this giant crouton in the bag when I was making dinner.

buttercupknits / Via reddit.com

#12 I got an albino M&M in my bag.

kayess- / Via reddit.com

#13 A giant Jelly Bean in a bag of belly Flops

Lazer_Pigeon / Via reddit.com

#14 This bigger bag of fruit snacks I found in my box of fruit snacks

Thefriggofficial / Via reddit.com

#15 A very large potato chip, which I found in my bag of potato chips.

Joe2pointOh / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ConsistentlyMediocre / reddit.com, Joe2pointOh / reddit.com