My cat tries giving his mice toys water. It’s so cute. He tries keeping them alive before killing them.

My cat catches moths and brings them inside. Very big moths at that. He then lets them go and chases them around the house.
One time he brought in a deflated pink balloon. A for effort.

My girlfriends cat absolutely loves digging through the garbage can. The thing is, he is solely directed towards finding and devouring used q-tips. This is just one thing that he enjoys doing, but he’s an interesting and odd little kitty. I can never quite tell if he’s extremely intelligent or mentally challenged as it’s he doesn’t act like most cats.

The glass top of my coffee table broke, and I had removed it; she went to jump on it. The funny part wasn’t that she was surprised she had landed under the table instead of on top of it; it was when she looked up where the glass was supposed to be, walked out of the table frame, and immediately tried it again.

Image Credit: PurrWorld

my current kitty likes to pick up the dry food from her bowl, drop it on the floor, and then eat it. back in the 70s i had a cat who would hold steamed green beans between her front paws and eat them by gnawing on the upper end like a panda.

She ran in fear from her own explosive diarrhea. Laps. Around my room.

On the evening we came home from Thanksgiving my husband lit a scented candle on the table. About half an hour later our 10 year old torbie climbs up on the table, walks over to the candle, and belly flops down onto it. She instantly bursts into flames, but has such long hair that she didn’t feel it and just lay there while my husband patted out the fire.
I was out grocery shopping when I got the text… “Ninja just belly flopped a candle and exploded into fire and the whole house is gross and she is unharmed but all of her hair on her tummy is charred”
I should also add this is not the first time she has set herself on fire; though not this spectacularly.