Relax, you’ll graduate, you’ll get a job, you’ll become an adult, you’ll find someone who loves you. You have an entire life. It takes time. -9GAG

When your mom try to show you a joke she saw on Facebook but you already saw it on Twitter a month ago -Teague Loughman

before vs after i eat -ExcuseThePun

wanna hear a joke ?
I know, I don’t get it either

Me: Hey teacher can you tell me a joke??!
Teacher: Your life.
Me: … -ItsJustNick

home is where you can look ugly & enjoy it -9GAG

If u smoke u die
if u drink u die
if u eat u die
if u love u die
no matter what u die
so do whateva u want homie cuz u gon die anyways -ExcuseThePun

Take your age and add 5 to it. That is your age in 5 years.-9GAG