The sense of time I have as a millennial is so weird…
1970: About 30 years ago
1980: About 20 years ago
1990: About 10 years ago
2000: About 10 years ago
2010: About 1,000 years ago
2016: About 10,000 years ago
2018: About 1,000 years ago
Last week: About 1,000 years ago
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Me: how do I do my taxes
Public School: shut the fu*k up and square dance
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literally no one:
me: are you mad at me?
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how I, a millennial, filter spam calls:
-if my phone rings, it’s spam
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person: *says something really sweet*
me: *reads it over and over for a month*
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me before going through security at airport: what if i accidentally have a gun
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I’ve been hitting “remind me tomorrow” on a computer update for the last 68 years.
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All I want is a complicated, interesting, rich TV series that I can follow while doing something else and occasionally leaving the room.
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Start of cleaning: I am a calm minimalist earth goddess
10 minutes later: Marie Kondo can suck my left titty I love my numerous towers of dusty junk that have given me depression
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In my experience, adulthood is mostly piling stuff up on surfaces and then eventually having to clean off those surfaces
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Crazy that every person in front of you at an ATM has never used an ATM before
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me: wow I can’t wait to keep an open mind on this murder podcast
[a man who has refused to be interviewed is introduced into the story]
me: it was fu*ken him
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anyone who was a “pleasure to have in class” has an anxiety disorder now
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girls named megan are the worst because there are infinity ways to spell megan and every girl named megan is the kind of girl who gets extremely offended when you spell her name wrong. “uhhh it’s meaghaheahn, dumass!” ok sorry maugenst please forgive me and also leave
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Is your dad really your dad if he doesn’t say “who?” after talking about any of your friends even if he’s known them for literally 7 years??
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if bohemian rhapsody starts playing and the person you’re with doesn’t start singing along and at least attempt the different voices, you really need to leave them alone. You just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.
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The most important thing I’ve learned in life, and I can’t stress this enough: you gotta make a salad in a bigger bowl than you think
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me at 16: leave me alone mom im an adult
me at 23: mom if u dont come to the dentist with me ill end my sh*t
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I’m impressed with how ugly I’m willing to look in public these days
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computer: “save this image as 6606499f1e5c84d7c30.png?”
me: “yea”
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does anyone remember when lol meant “laughing out loud” instead of “this is to indicate that this brief text isnt hostile”
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Was speaking to a nurse on placement and she’s like “do you ever feel like you use all your niceness at work and then when you get home you’re not nice to anyone in the house” and I couldn’t relate anymore if I tried
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Things I Was Disappointed To Find Out Were True As An Adult:
1. I do feel better when I eat salad vs snack food as a meal
2. 8 hrs of sleep really does help my mood
3. Sitting in a chair vs flopping on a couch is better for my productivity
4. Drinking plain water is essential
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Adult culture is just walking around constantly astounded by how much everything costs
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