#1 Dream big, Dr. King

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#2 Since my niece could write her name, we have been mailing each other letters. We have both been pretty busy and haven’t sent or received in a while, but just got this today and this kid cracks me up!

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#3 My kid is sharp…

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#4 Chris is ambitious

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#5 Kid opposes Trump’s policies; just wants to Netflix and chill

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#6 Stand up for what you believe in

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#7 Ambitious kid here

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#8 My friend found this on the floor of her 8th grade classrom


#9 Albert is going places.

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#10 My old school asked kids in preschool what they wanted to be when they grew up.

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#11 Wife asked students to list life goals. This kid has things figured out!


#12 This little girl has her priorities straight


#13 A child left this note in a hotel room I cleaned today. Pretty solid advice.

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#14 Kids in Cleveland these days…

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#15 Some children give me hope for the future.

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#16 I am a lawyer, my son told me he had to tell me something, but first wanted me to sign this.

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#17 Neighbor kid put this letter in my mailbox, I’m tempted to do it

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#18 My three year old daughter had her teacher write me a letter. Not sure what she’s trying to say.

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#19 So my kid has now realized the full potential of the little recliner we got him.

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#20 My wife is a teacher and sent me this.

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