1. My Grandma, 96, with my Grandpa, 100, hours before her death this weekend. 77 years of marriage.

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2. The final picture of my cousin Gary – taken on September 11, 2001.

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3. A week before my grandfather passed away, I snuck his favorite beer into the nursing home for him. It was his last beer ever.

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4. My good friend Bear telling his son and daughter goodbye. He died the next evening from pancreatic cancer.

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5. Shortly after my mother passed away I decided to look up her house on Google Earth. That’s her.

Still gives me chills.
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6. Dying father fulfills last wish to walk daughter down the aisle on her wedding day

He passed away 5 days after
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7. Last photo taken of my older brother as he was leaving for college. He was the victim of a drinking and driving incident. I miss him everyday.

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8. Last pictures I found recently of my dad on his old tablet. Thankfully, they’re all pictures of him being the goofy guy he was when he was alive.

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9. After 69 years of marriage, my grandpa was extremely attentive to my grandma up until her last breath. We lay her to rest on Monday at 95 amazing years old.

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10. I feel weird sharing this but im just so heart broken. My little brother (17) was shot a few weeks ago and this is the last pic i took with him. This was Christmas morning.

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11. My best friend in my limo at my wedding

I’m sure you can find out which one he was. He never said a word about feeling weird and just kept asking how much longer till we got to the reception.
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12. My beautiful mom before she rapidly deteriorated from a giloblastoma. She walked into brain surgery with a smile on her face and inspires me to always keep smiling even through hard times.

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13. My dad passed away yesterday, just last week he was in China traveling and met a panda. Although this is one of the last photos of him, It is my favorite.

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14. The last pictures I ever took of my mom.

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15. This is the last picture I took of my husband when I dropped him off at the airport.

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16. My dad in home hospice care last week with his cat Brady. Lost his fight Thursday afternoon. You were a great man and father, dad.

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