1. Geminis make sure your world is always expanding by introducing you to interesting people, ideas, and things.
Uninhibited in their curiosity, Geminis collect friends, experiences, and interests as naturally as they breathe. They are basically a human-shaped rolodex of new ways to grow and they will happily let you riffle through their knowledge for whatever you’re looking for.

2. They are the perfect plus-one to any event you’re dreading.
Listen, there isn’t a room a Gemini can’t work or a person they can’t charm — which means if you drag them along to that wedding with relatives ready to bug you about your love life, the office BBQ with all the coworkers you hate, or any other draining social event, they will do all the work. Then, you’ll get points for bringing such a charmer.

3. They are generous souls who won’t think twice about helping you out — or giving you a shit ton of attention or gifts.
A Gemini might forget your birthday, but it’s not like they need an occasion to be extremely giving. And you’ll never have to ask for it — they’re the majesties of random acts of kindness.

4. They’re always a goddamn delight to chat with, because they’re curious as hell and take a genuine interest in what you’re saying.
Geminis get a lot of sh*t for being flaky, but you know what? There isn’t a sign out there that zeroes their attention in on you and makes you feel noteworthy like a Gemini does. Every conversation is like talking to an old friend who has forgotten anyone else but you exists.

5. They’ll help you see both sides of something when you’re too stuck in your own point of view.
The Gemini brain is an adaptable thing and they have the capability to consider every side of the story, so they can help keep you real when you’re otherwise itching for a fight. There’s a time and place for messy bitches who love drama, there’s no denying it, but everyone needs a friend who can show a little diplomacy.

6. They lighten the mood when you Just Can’t Deal.
Geminis are your escapism partners in crime, your distractions when you think you can’t be distracted. They can get restless around serious stuff, but that also means they’re not shy about making you laugh through the darkness.

Image Credit: annakovach.com

7. They help curb your complaining habit because they have no patience for it — and tbh, you’ll be better for it.
Life’s too short to ruminate and whine about petty grievances. You *know* that in theory, but sometimes you need a Gemini to keep you honest.

8. They embolden you to live your best damn life because they’re definitely living theirs.
You know how you have those friends who are always Doing The Thing and just by being in their orbit, you feel a little more capable yourself? Well, Geminis are always chasing the adventures or diving into the hobbies that you’ve secretly had on your bucket list for ages and their glow will only lift you up.

9. You can be your authentic self around them, because they’re open-minded as hell — and lovable weirdos themselves.
Loving a Gemini means entering a no-judgment zone where you are accepted and celebrated as you are. Embrace a Gemini and their many facets, and they’ll return the favor.

Via buzzfeed