Koushik Ravi Kumar

I cannot wear shades. It pains me so much. I. want. to. wear. shades. But it’s really counter productive because I can’t see shit. And since I have an above average power for my glasses, I don’t see the point of getting powered shades.

When I take them off, I invariably cannot find them again. It’s baffling! Where do they disappear all. the. time!

3D movies are very frustrating to watch.

“OMG you look weird without your glasses. Put them on!”

When it rains, you cannot see anything with / without the glasses. It’s really frustrating. It’s like seeing through a kaleidoscope.

Most adventure sports I have to participate in without the gift of good eyesight. Parasailing? I have to leave my glasses behind. Bungee jumping? I have to freakin’ leave my glasses behind. Otherwise, I will be too paranoid about losing them. I can’t swim with my glasses either.

When people take your glasses from you and say things like:

“Can you see this *while holding up two fingers 3 ft away from you*” – Yes. I can see that far.

“Oh my god my head is hurting now. *after trying them on*” – I did warn you.

“What if I didn’t give it back to you, will you survive?” – I will, but after beating the shit out of you, you might not.

Sometimes I want to feel the sun or the wind on my face without something perched on my nose

People tend to box you into the nerd, geek stereotype.

When I wear a helmet? Take my glasses off and wear them again. When I try on clothes? Take my glasses off and wear them again.

If they are scratched, it’s like seeing through a foggy glass. Never mind that they fog up often too.

In certain situations you just wish you had good eyesight and binge a little on carrots temporarily.


Neha Kariyaniya

First thing when I wake up in the morning, I have to look for my glasses and say a silent prayer of mercy hoping I didn’t crush it under me because I slept with my glasses on, again.

When I forget them somewhere, the only thing I wish is “please let me find it this time, I promise I will take care of it and never leave it anywhere again” and I lose it again.

How can I find my glasses without my glasses? Someone please invent a ringing tone so I can ring my glasses when I can’t find them

I can’t wear contact lenses because they scare me and only watching people wear contact lenses makes my eyes all teary.

I can’t see my hot tea. My glasses fog up, can’t see without them, can’t see with them.

I’ve been called “double battery single power” by all my cousins. Hurting them is the last thing I would want to do, but it’s still on the list.

People show me 3 fingers and ask how many are they, when I’m without my glasses. Are you serious?

Rain and sweat are not my friends.

Smudges. I’ll spend five minutes tediously wiping them down, just trying to rid my glasses of those oil-demons, only to put them back on and have new ones pop up on every square inch of my clean lenses.

I can’t turn to my side because when I do, my glasses move and the focus power changes and it gets uncomfortable.

LASIK surgery soon! Yay!

Edit: A friend gifted me contact lenses after reading this answer and after wearing it once, I promised myself never again.

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